Selasa, 27 Januari 2009

My name is Gabriella Larasati, but just call me Gaby. I was born on 21th July 1992. I am the 1# child in my family and I just have 1 brother. Now I'm in the 3rd grade of Senior High School. For now I have no realitionship.

My name is Keti Lamaking. I was born on 18th October 1991. I'm the only daughter in my family and I have 2 brother. I'm now in the 12th science class. Now I'm preparing myself to fight the final exam.

My name is Shinta Paluta. I was born on 29th September 1992. I'm the 2nd child in my family, I have 3 sister. I'm now in the Senior High School at 12th science class.

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